Culinate Newsletter Feb 6 08

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 h1. Dear readers,

 We're not just about [/chocolate chocolate] this week; we've also got plenty to say about butter and beans (including the surprising properties of bean stock). It makes sense, because at Culinate we celebrate the basics -- the beauty of stellar ingredients and simple food -- day in and day out.

 In the mood to bake? Check out our podcast of Greg Patent talking about his new book, A Baker's Odyssey, a collection of 130 recipes from recent immigrants to the United States. We're giving away five signed copies of Patent's book; to win one, leave a comment on the podcast page. Plus, if you're in Portland, Oregon, and want to attend Patent's baking class on Tuesday, February 12, let us know; we're giving away a pair of tickets to that event.
 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: Is there a better gift than a homemade one? Your sweetheart will find these D.I.Y. valentines irresistible. 
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story2text: She's eating from 'Veganomicon' for two weeks -- to learn more about cooking without animal products.

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recipe1text: Hearty soup for a blustery day.
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recipe2text: A retro favorite for lunch or dinner.

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