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Udder surrender?

(article, James Berry)

Dean Foods, the $10 billion U.S. dairy company that brings us [! 'Horizon Organics milk'],  [! "Land ‘O Lakes butter"], and [! "Silk soy products"], pledged Thursday that it will not use milk from cloned cows.

This is a major coup for anti-cloning activists. "Numerous surveys have shown that Americans are not interested in buying dairy products that contain milk from cloned cows," the company said in a statement.

The pastoral picture of a clone-free future is soured by the realization that Dean made no commitment to spurn the progeny of cloned cows. In the dairy business, cloning will be used primarily to clone top-producing cows, which can then be used to breed subsequent generations of supercows. This process leverages the high cost of cloning by propagating the most valuable animals.

The news was broken by blogger Sam Fromartz, author of [%amazonProductLink asin=0156032422 "Organic, Inc." newpage=true],_ and was later publicized in an AP story.

We’ve written about cloned cows [%content /read/sift/The+clone+stampede before] and recently ran a [%content /mix/polls/Would+you+chow+a+cloned+cow%3F survey] in which 77 percent of Culinate readers said they would consume products from neither cloned cows nor their offspring.

Dean Foods sells the following brands, among others:

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So tell us: Does this make you any more comfortable?

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