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Potato pudding

(recipe, Anjana Chaturvedi)

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Aloo ka halwa is a popular and delicious dessert from North India specially in Uttar Pradesh. It is the easiest and quickest halwa I have ever made. It can be eaten during fasting or as vrat ka khana/falahaar. My mom used to make this halwa especially during ekadashi and other fasting day as it is quick and filling and I learnt to make this from her. I have seen that many prefer to make this halwa from raw grated potatoes but personally I like to use boiled and mashed (not grated) potatoes to make this. Do not use oil to make this halwa, use desi ghee to get that wonderful taste and aroma.


  1. Potatoes, boiled-400 gms(3 medium)*
  2. Sugar-¾ cup to 1 cup
  3. Pure ghee-4-5 tbsp
  4. Cardamom powder-½ tsp
  5. Water-1 tbsp
  6. Almonds-10
  7. Pistachios-10


  1. Peel and mash the boiled potatoes.
  2. Heat ghee in a heavy bottom pan or use a non stick pan.
  3. Now add the mashed potato and saute on medium heat.
  4. Keep stirring the halwa else it will start charring and sticking at the bottom.
  5. After approximately 10 minutes it will change colour and turn light golden and start giving out a nice aroma.
  6. Add sugar and water and keep stirring till it starts leaving the sides of the pan .
  7. Now add cardamom powder and chopped almonds and pitachios.
  8. Mix well and serve hot.
  9. Note-
  10. 1-*you can also make this halwa with boiled sweet potato/shakarkand,then you have to use little less quantity of sugar.
  11. 2- You can adjust the quantity of sugar according to your taste.