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Culinate Newsletter March 24

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers and friends,

 There's no easy way to say this: After seven years online, Culinate — at least the part of Culinate that publishes stories and recipes — is closing up shop, and today's newsletter will be our last. 

 Although publishing the website has been a really fun and interesting part of what we do, it's only part of our business. As many of you know, much of the content on Culinate has been funded by the partnerships we have with cookbook authors and publishers to create mobile apps from cookbooks. In that capacity, it's been our privilege and pleasure to work with Mark Bittman and his publisher on the best-selling iOS app from his cookbook How to Cook Everything (as well as one from his How to Cook Everything Vegetarian and another from How to Cook Everything: The Basics). We've also created an app in collaboration with Karen Tack and Alan Richardson, the talented duo behind Hello, Cupcake! and other books.  

 Besides being handy tools that help people plan for and cook their own food, our apps have won numerous awards and accolades. The apps in the Mark Bittman series have been featured by Apple across the App Store on many occasions; a recent highlight was the selection of How to Cook Everything as one of five "groundbreaking apps" during the 2013 celebration of the App Store's five-year anniversary.

 Meanwhile, Hello, Cupcake! was selected first as an App Store Editor's Choice and then as a Best App of the year. If you have an iPad or iPhone, you may want to pick up a copy on the App Store if you haven't already done so. It's fanciful and fun — and it's free.

 Soon we'll be announcing a huge new cooking-app project — one that cooks everywhere will want to check out.

 So going forward, we will put all of our time and resources toward that part of our work. Our website, as it exists now, will remain unchanged for the near future, but our updates to it will be limited. 

 To each and every one of the writers and contributors who have made Culinate a thoughtful, informed, and delicious online destination, thank you; we could not have done what we did for so long without your willingness to write generously about food — a subject that evokes almost as many passions as love itself. You tested recipes, conducted interviews, took photos, and taught us much about eating better — all for relatively little compensation. We are grateful. 

 To our monthly (or near monthly) columnists, past and present — Deborah Madison (who's been with us since the beginning!), Adam Ried, Kelly Myers, Matthew Amster-Burton, Kim O'Donnel, Hank "Ask Hank" Sawtelle, Kerry Newberry, Ellen Kanner (not officially a columnist but a very frequent contributor to the Culinate Interview section), Cynthia Lair, Shoshanna Cohen, Marissa Lippert, Helen Rennie, Catherine Bennett Dunster, Joan Menefee (the columnist without a column), Jacob Grier (ditto), and Anu Karwa: A special shout-out. It was always a pleasure to get your posts, and I'll miss them in my in-box. I'm happy to know that many of our paths, both physical and virtual, will cross in the future. 

 To cookbook publishers, far and wide: We've enjoyed the relationships we've had with many of you and look forward to continued partnerships. Book people are the best!

 To two of my colleagues and friends, Carrie Floyd, Culinate co-founder and recipe editor, and Caroline Cummins, our longtime managing editor: More gratitude than I can express in words. I owe you an enormous debt, Carrie, for all of the times your family had to wait on dinner so that you could take food shots, and you, Caroline, for crossing all of my uncrossed t's and dotting all of my undotted i's, uncomplainingly, for seven years. You two are the best; your talent and good taste are on every page of Culinate. 
 And finally, to you, dear readers: thank you so much. Without your keen interest in food and cooking, Culinate wouldn't have lasted a week, much less all of these years, and we appreciate your sticking with us. Going forward, we'll send you an occasional missive to let you know what we're up to. And I hope you will keep up your good work at the stove.
 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "Simply delicious: Adam Ried takes a look at what makes Rhode Island-style clam chowder so good."  
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story2text: "Erika Szymanski gives tips on making everyone's favorite salad and suggests eight ways to flavor it."

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recipe1text: "Mollie Katzen makes good use of buttermilk — not to mention overripe bananas — in this moist, flavorful bread."
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recipe2text: "The classic lamb and chickpea soup, brightened with fresh spinach, cilantro, and lemon. From the book 'Ottolenghi.'"

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