Limerick Contest Winner

(article, Culinate staff)

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The winner of our Potluck Limerick Contest is Mark Henn. Henn's limerick about nuns and buns earned him a Culinate coffee mug.

p(green smalltext). An order of celibate nuns
Made a promise that they’d be the ones
Whose pastries and rolls
Would deliver men’s souls—
I admit, I admired their buns!

Here are the other three finalist entries in the contest:

p(green smalltext). A cannibal, less than discreet,
Had a barbecue loaded with meat
He had, the old sinner,
His neighbor for dinner.
And murmured “Gee, isn’t he sweet?”

p(green smalltext). She's as sweet as a hot apple pie		
And as hot—and I tell you no lie.
If one wish were bestowed
I'd have her—a la mode,
Though for now, that's just pie in the sky.

p(green smalltext). A new bakery beckoned to me
With fresh breads, warm croissants, and tea.
I left them to ponder
This double entendre:
“You’ll be seeing a lot more of me.”

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p(blue smalltext). There was an old person of Putney,
Whose food was roast spiders and chutney,
Which he took with his tea,
Within sight of the sea,
That romantic old person of Putney.
— Edward Lear

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