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Culinate Newsletter January 23

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,

 With Super Bowl Sunday coming up soon, snacks are on my mind. 

 And when I think of snacks, I think of popcorn, one of my long-time favorites. During my childhood, my dad was the master corn popper, and he always used the same, well, "recipe": corn popped in a little oil on the stove (or later, in an air popper), plenty of butter, and salt. It was always the same and always good.

 I was surprised, then, over the holidays to discover that Dad has changed the popcorn. And though I didn't believe it was possible, he's made it even tastier. None of the yellow nutritional yeast I sometimes sprinkle on; no salted caramel, which often tempts me; no za'atar popcorn (although that sounds like a fine way to use the za'atar you'll buy for the Yotam Ottolenghi recipe below). No peanut-buttery popcorn and no Popcorn with Indian Spices — although I love them both.

 He didn't even take anything away — just added a good portion of grated Parmesan and, the secret ingredient, black pepper. I was smitten — couldn't stop eating the stuff. 

 Now you know what I'll be eating during the big game.

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

 P.S. We won't be dropping into your mailbox next week — back, though, in early February.
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story1text: "If you've never tried this almond-tomato-bread-based topping, now's the time: Deborah Madison brings romesco into the season."  
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story2text: "Christina Eng reviews three books that offer differing takes on Southern cooking — from Kentucky, South Carolina, and the Mississippi Delta."

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recipe1text: "This versatile and delicious recipe comes from the fabulous cookbook 'Jerusalem.'"
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recipe2text: "Giada De Laurentiis masterminds this flavorful, healthful, one-dish meal."

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