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Mutter's Goulasch

(recipe, Lothar Lendero)




              cut two big onions into cubes (almost as much as meat)
                brown to a gold color
                  add cubed meat
                    add pepper and salt
                      fry to brown
                        reduce heat and put lid on
                          add some water / broth
                            cook until meat is soft, about 30 minutes give or take
                              increase heat
                                add paprika
                                  stir well, don’t cook long otherwise paprika gets bitter
                                    add some flour – about one table spoon or less – not too much
                                      stir well
                                        add water, maybe ¼ to ½ cup to right consistency
                                          cook until meat done
                                            optional to make more gravy or thicken:
                                            1. o add flour to cold water and add in, but be careful otherwise could get clumpy
                                            2. o bring to boil
                                            3. o add into boiling gravy
                                            add spices