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Culinate Newsletter January 17

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,

 Even the best cooks make mistakes. Culinate's cofounder and recipe editor Carrie Floyd tells a great story about baking homemade granola for her husband. She'd made it many times before and so followed the recipe as usual. After the granola cooked, she stashed it in a jar and forgot about it.

 The next morning, Steve had granola as usual, but when he took a bite, he raised his eyebrows. 

 "How is it?" asked Carrie.

 "It's a little, uh, spicy," he said.

 "Oh?" she asked. "You mean, like cinnamon?" 

 "No," he replied. "Like salsa." Turns out, she'd used the (unlabeled) cayenne instead of the (unlabeled) nutmeg, and the whole batch was pretty much unsalvageable. 

 Which is a little like what happened to my daughter this past week. I won't divulge details, but together we made the best of her, uh, concoction. In fact, I'm off to nibble a few last bites right now. Thanks, Sweetie!

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "Chantal Bourbon writes unflinchingly about eating the Filipino delicacy balut, a fertilized (and maturing) duck egg."  
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story2text: "When Deborah Madison met Judy Rodgers they were both young women learning their craft at Chez Panisse."

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recipe1text: "We're longtime fans of this dish from the beloved Silver Palate books, but we've tweaked it to be just a little lighter."
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recipe2text: "Nigella Lawson reimagines tiramisu in martini glasses, a terrific make-ahead dessert to serve to dinner guests."

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