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The year in food

(article, Culinate staff)

Yep, it's that time of year again, when folks look back nostalgically (or not) at The Year That Was. 

Take your pick: Eater's roundup of what it deemed '"the or the Huffington Post's must-read list of food articles from the past 12 months, or the two-part collection on Civil Eats of the food-policy stories that mattered in 2013.

Eater's list is actually a Q&A, with foodie types weighing in on everything from restaurant economics to race, class, and gender politics in food to "the tremendous economic and environmental cost of eating meat" and "the health of our oceans."

The Huffington Post's version is a best-of, with articles from many familiar names, including Frank Bruni, Michael Twitty, and Mark Bittman, among others. Two articles on the list were in-house favorites here at Culinate, too: Ted Conover's meat exposé in Harper's, and Josh Ozersky's stop-the-heart essay about his dad in Saveur.

And on Civil Eats, Paula Crossfield assessed how the blog covered food politics in 2013 (including such topics as GMOs, domestic fair trade and worker rights, pesticides and pollinators, nutrition news, and antibiotics resistance), while Andy Bellatti offered up a comic twist on list-making, with such categories as "Most Outrageous Quote," "Most Unabashed Display of Hubris/Chutzpah," and "Most Honest Food Industry Tweet."

As Bellatti concluded, "Ah, Twitter. Creating PR nightmares, 140 characters at a time."