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Feeding the Dragon

(book, Nate Tate & Mary Kate Tate)

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With little more than two backpacks, a camera, and a tarp, the Mandarin-speaking American brother and sister Nate and Mary Kate Tate traveled more than 9,700 miles throughout China to share the country's inspiring culture and cuisine with kitchens in the West. What began as a [ "travel blog" newpage=true] documenting the duo's journey has evolved into Feeding the Dragon, a visual narrative of food, culture, and travel. 

Arranged by the authors' travel itinerary to highlight the uniqueness of nine specific regions in China, Feeding the Dragon is part cookbook and part cultural travelogue. It's overflowing with sumptuous but easily prepared authentic dishes, from Buddhist vegetarian dishes enjoyed on the snowcapped mountains of Tibet to lamb kebabs served on the scorching desert of Xinjiang Province. 

Western cooks will find healthy recipes brimming with authentic ingredients and flavors, such as Lychee Martini and Shanghai Soup Dumplings, Pineapple Rice, Coca-Cola Chicken Wings, Green Tea Shortbread Cookies, and Wild Mushroom Salad. 

Feeding the Dragon also provides handy reference sidebars to guide cooks with time-saving shortcuts, such as buying premade dumpling wrappers instead of making them from scratch, or using a blow-dryer to finish your Peking Duck. A comprehensive glossary of Chinese ingredients and their equivalent substitutions complete the book. 

Feeding the Dragon is not an Americanized adulteration of classic Chinese cuisine. Instead, the Tates offer readers and cooks a beautiful journey through Chinese history, culture, tradition, and food.