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The wide world of Thanksgiving cookbooks

(article, Culinate staff)

If you use the website for the local public library in Boston, Brooklyn, New York, Portland, or Seattle, among other locations, you might have noticed lately that patrons can treat library holdings like Amazon listings. 

In other words, you can rate books, tag them, and comment on them. Thumbs up, thumbs down, things you wish the book (or movie or album or game or whatever) had done differently — you can yammer about it all you like.

For Thanksgiving, the service that provides these functions to libraries is encouraging patrons to log on and share info about their favorite turkey-day cookbooks. Maybe you're going paleo for Thanksgiving, or vegetarian, or just keeping it traditional. Rate 'em, review 'em, tag 'em, highlight favorite recipes with the quotes tab — and then get cooking, of course.