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Spanish Flavors

(book, José Pizarro)

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Following on from Seasonal Spanish Food, Pizarro takes a closer look at the regions of Spain and the exceptional local ingredients that make each area so special. With these ingredients, Pizarro uses his knowledge and flair to create alluring dishes that not only showcase Spanish flavors, but are also simple and quick to prepare. 

No complicated techniques, no ingredients that are difficult to find, no tampering of flavors — just simple, stylish recipes for any occasion. Serve Chorizo with Juicy Grilled Peppers, make Sautéed Artichokes with Cockles and Iberico ham, grill squid to accompany Saffron Baby Potatoes and Toasted Almonds, wow your guests with a Manchego Ice Cream with Quince, or create little Pine Nut Biscuits for an after-dinner treat. 

This is no-fuss cooking that results in delicious dishes packed with flavor and texture.
Grilled Sausages with Arrocina Beans, Garlic, and Sage
Chocolate and Hazelnut Tart