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Culinate Newsletter October 17

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,
 In our Sift column, our we do just that: Sift the news, bringing you links to stories around the web that tell you more about the food we all eat, where it comes from, who harvests it, and what legislation affects it. One of the sites we rely on for food news is Civil Eats. Founded a few years back by Naomi Starkman and Paula Crossfield, Civil Eats is a vital source for daily news and critical thought about the American food system.

 It's important work, folks, and we all benefit from it.

 Today, the Civil Eats team is in the final hours of raising money via Kickstarter. This is money to fund their basic operation, and we are heartened to see that they are really close to their goal of $100,000. If you value independent, high-quality journalism that focuses on food, please head over immediately to their Kickstarter page, and make a donation toward these valuable efforts. It will be money well spent.

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "As longtime cooking teacher Cynthia Lair knows, there's cutting an onion, and then there's cutting an onion."
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story2text: "Flours from locally grown grains differ greatly from supermarket flours, as Amy Halloran explains."  

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recipe1text: "From the food blogger behind Last Night's Dinner comes this terrific recipe via 'The Food52 Cookbook, Vol. 2.'" 
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recipe2text: "Here's an addictive nibble to go with drinks, before an Indian feast, or in the afternoon, as a snack."

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