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Five things not to eat

(article, Culinate staff)

So the investigative food journalist Barry Estabrook — the author of the acclaimed Tomatoland — is working on a new book, this time about pork production. On Civil Eats, he recently penned a shortlist of five foods he no longer eats. 

None of them are surprises; they include supermarket ground beef (a common vector for E. coli and other diseases), bagged and boxed salad greens (same problem), bluefin tuna (it's nearly extinct), out-of-season tomatoes (to support worker rights), and farmed salmon (to support a cleaner planet). 

Instead, Estabrook buys wild Alaskan salmon and whole heads of lettuce, and grinds his own meat (or has the market butcher do it for him). And he just says no to bluefin and winter tomatoes.