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Chive Blossom Vinegar

(recipe, Erin Coopey)

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  1. 1 cup (48 grams) freshly snipped chive blossoms
  2. 4 cups (950 ml.) white-wine vinegar


  1. Gently rinse the chive blossoms in a bowl of cool water. Drain and pat dry with a clean kitchen towel.
  2. Place the clean blossoms in a sterilized, quart-size (950 ml.) glass jar. Pour the vinegar over the blossoms. Seal the jar tightly and store in a dark place for two weeks. Shake the jar from time to time.
  3. Little by little, the blossoms will begin to lose their color, and the vinegar will turn pale pink. At the end of the two weeks, strain the vinegar through a cheesecloth-lined funnel into a sterilized bottle. Cork tightly.
  4. Store for up to 6 months.