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Culinate Newsletter September 5

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,
 Two good reads to tell you about. First is Fig fandom, by Jackie Varriano, which offers several ways to serve this most luscious fruit fresh — including, simply, with goat cheese, honey, and cracked black pepper. According to Jackie, figs ripen into September; here's hoping you can still find some fresh ones in your area.

 And second: Joan Menefee ponders the difficulty of describing flavors, a problem that many writers have had and which no doubt is further complicated by the variation in tastes we all experience. Sure, you can describe a food's texture, temperature, bite, color, and similarities to other foods (or, non-foods, as the case may be), but capturing a taste in words is a unique challenge. 

 A month or so ago, over the course of four or five days, I ate a pint of figs that my neighbor had generously shared. By the time I got to the last fig, it was nearly overripe, but I caught it just in time; it was sweet and pillowy, and its seeds appealingly snapped between my teeth. I practically had to sit down, such was the pleasure. 
 But to describe the taste? I'd need a year. As an eater, I'd scored, but as a writer ... well, I'm working on it.
 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "With some help from a Riesling fan, Kerry Newberry discovers a trio of bubblies she can't get enough of."
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story2text: "Carrie Floyd lays out an argument for packing one's own lunch, and gives strategies and menu ideas, too."

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recipe1text: "The Masumotos of central California are well known for their peaches — and their cobbler recipe is excellent, too." 
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recipe2text: "Here's a gem from 'Rustic Italian Food' that serves equally well as an appetizer on crostini or as a side dish." 

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