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Seafood suggestions

(article, Culinate staff)

This past summer, reports surfaced that fish caught in the Pacific Ocean were radioactive, a result of the ongoing fallout from the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan. 

So Russ Parsons explored the issue in a recent column for the Los Angeles Times. His verdict? Based on science being done by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, we should all just keep calm and carry on.

South Korea, though, isn't buying this argument; the country just banned seafood imports from neighboring Japan, and is refusing to lift the embargo.

Meanwhile, a new book — biologist Lisa-ann Gershwin's [%amazonProductLink asin=022602010X "Stung! On Jellyfish Blooms and the Future of the Ocean"] — suggests that it's not fish but jellyfish we should be worrying about, since the global jellyfish population is booming, to the detriment of fisheries (not to mention swimmers, boats, and power plants) around the world. 

So you might dash out to enjoy fish while you can, before the planet's jellyfish eat it all. But watch out; according to the latest seafood-fraud report from Oceana, you're probably paying way too much for it. You might want to consider just eating jellyfish instead.