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The real McCoy?

(article, Culinate staff)

Last year, Mark Bittman endorsed a variety of fake-chicken products he'd taste-tested. Since then, other poultry substitutes have hit the market, including the vegan "chicken" produced by Beyond Meat. Now, however, a Dutch lab has grown hamburger from cow cells. Unlike the chicken knockoffs, this is real meat — but a recent British taste test pronounced it not fatty enough. 

On his Mother Jones blog, Tom Philpott was skeptical, pointing out that producing in-vitro meat isn't exactly cheap, easy, eco-friendly, or beneficial to animals. "I don't care if tech barons lavish their cash on grand, unlikely techno-fixes," he wrote. "I just hope the effort doesn't distract from the necessary, difficult task of convincing people to eat much less meat — and when we do eat meat, to relying on meat from animals that feed on stuff we can't eat directly, like cows that live and munch on well-managed grasslands."