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Sour and Bitter

(recipe, Carrie Floyd)

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One of my all-time favorite desserts when I worked at Portland's Zefiro restaurant was the grapefruit Campari sorbet. So when a bottle of Ruby Red (grapefruit) vodka showed up at my house recently, my thoughts immediately turned to Campari. This is a refreshing summer drink for those who prefer sour and bitter flavors over sweet and syrupy. And no, that's not by any means a reflection of character.


  1. 1 shot Ruby Red grapefruit vodka
  2. ½ shot Campari
  3. Soda water
  4. Agave nectar


  1. Fill a tall glass full of ice. Add the vodka and Campari, then enough soda water to fill the glass. With a long spoon or butter knife, gently stir the ingredients together. Add agave nectar to taste: start with a teaspoonful, stir, and taste. When mixed to taste, serve with a straw.


To up the sour quotient, add a splash of grapefruit juice to each drink (cutting back on the soda water).