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Culinate Newsletter July 25

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,
 Short message this week: Whether you've spent the day running, dodging, lifting, writing, negotiating, delegating, whatever you do all day — I hope that when the day is winding down you'll go to the kitchen. Take handfuls of fresh summer produce (maybe you've come from the garden — a bonus!). Find a knife, a pan, a flame, and forget everything else for a few moments. Bring your whole self to the task at hand — no texting, no talking on the phone, no breaking for an email. Try not to split your attention; give yourself this. 

 Those green beans in your hands, aren't they slender beauties? And the squash so yellow. The cherry tomatoes are fragrant at last, and when you put one into your mouth, it's so sweet you don't want the taste to end. 

 Thanksgiving is in November, but midsummer is when produce is plentiful. I'm know my own gratitude will last the four months until it's official. 

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "Cynthia Lair is no fan of Froot Loops. Here's why — and some ideas about what you can eat for breakfast instead. Add your own suggestions, too."
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story2text: "What if there were a way to contribute the many results we see in the kitchen for the good of science? Joan Menefee ponders."

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recipe1text: "We've come up with a simple how-to for one of summer's best things to eat." 
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recipe2text: "Everyone around your table will love these hearty, Greek-style sandwiches." 

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