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Junk-food guides

(article, Culinate staff)

In June, BuzzFeed posted a list titled '"8 Sure, Tom Philpott ran something similar (and more thoughtful) with his May post titled '"7 But BuzzFeed, of course, specializes in outrageous images; the best here might be the enormous shot of a Hungry-Man dinner ("Backyard Barbeque," "1½ lbs. OF FOOD").

The BuzzFeed list isn't original; it's pulled from a new book titled Rich Food Poor Food, which aims to help shoppers figure out healthy shopping at supermarkets. Meanwhile, the Harvard School of Public Health has a website dubbed Nutrition Source, which also tries to simplify the tasks of shopping, cooking, and eating healthy food. The site draws on the school's research, which leads to such surprising tidbits as the fact that orange juice has more sugar than cola-flavored soda. Whaddaya know.