Coming Home to Eat

(book, Gary Paul Nabhan)

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h4. From the publisher

Issuing a "profound and engaging . . . passionate call to us to re-think our food industry" (Jim Harrison, author of The Raw and the Cooked), Gary Paul Nabhan reminds us that eating close to home is not just a matter of convenience — it is an act of deep cultural and environmental significance.

Embodying "a perspective . . . at once ecological, economic, humanistic, and spiritual" (Los Angeles Times), Nabhan has dedicated his life to raising awareness about food — as an avid gardener, as an ethnobotanist preserving seed diversity, and as an activist devoted to recovering native food traditions in the Southwest. 

This "inspired and eloquently detailed account" (Rick Bayless, Chefs' Collaborative) tells of Nabhan's year-long mission to eat only foods grown, fished, or gathered within 200 miles of his home.