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Food is an art almost like music, where lots of different flavors blend together to form a new masterpiece each time. Something unique in it's own way each time. Like you cannot pick the best in music, you cannot for food also. So I am adding a list of the five Must have before you die.

1: Masala Dosa
A south Indian genius of a food that simply mixes a few of the best essences in India.
Listed is Huffington Post's 10 foods to try before you die. This has gotten an international favorite.

2: Sorpotel (Goa).
Originally a Portuguese meal, it is now commonly cooked in Goan households. Using pork as its main ingredient, this stew of sorts uses vinegar to attain its sour taste. Its enjoyed best with sanna or sweet, white, fluffy rice cake.

3: The South Indian Meals.
They can be found in two flavors, the Tamil Meals and Kerala Meals. Both better than the other.
and basically can be named the jwels of Indian culinary culture.

4. Hydrabadi Biriyani:.
Another one of those which can practically get you addicted to the food. A soothing range of spicy flavors combined into such a proportion that it is a loss to humanity if you do not try this.

5: Indian Lamb Korma(Kismet Korma).
An authentic lamb korma goes well with Indian breads (rotis / parathas) / pulao / ghee rice / appam / idiyappam (string hoppers) / brown bread / whole wheat bread / ...