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The GMO paradox

(article, Culinate staff)

Last year's failed California campaign to force labels onto genetically modified food sold in the U.S. is, well, so last year. Because label or no label, someday it might be impossible to distinguish GMO from non-GMO. To wit: the recent announcement that GM wheat has been discovered growing in Oregon.

Corn farmers have struggled with the problem of GM cross-pollination of non-GMO and organic corn crops for years. What distinguishes the Oregon wheat is the fact that it's an experimental crop (from Monsanto) that was never approved for commercial planting. So how did it start growing here? Nobody really knows.

All of which is bad news, not just for consumers hoping to avoid GM foods but for the many food companies trying to promote GMO-free products — not to mention the U.S. wheat-export industry, currently the largest in the world.