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Culinate Newsletter May 24

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,
  In Portland, Oregon, the art of eating is on display.

 Feast! is an inspired exhibit of food-related "book arts" at 23 Sandy Gallery. Besides actual books, there are sculptures and broadsides. My favorite example of the latter is an interpretation of Julia Child's chocolate mousse recipe. Meanwhile, the 1897 encyclopedia eaten by insects is a beautiful example of art by eating, however unintentionally created. 

 Over at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts, a show called Object Focus: The Bowl helps us see an everyday item anew. A multitude of bowls are on exhibit, some loaned by well-known local cooks and artists. While the show has many facets, the ones I most appreciate allow you to take a bowl home: Circulate is a lending library of handcrafted bowls based at the museum, and Bowls Around Town offers bowl kits for check-out from the county library. Each kit contains a diary and a camera, the idea being that you record your use of the bowl as you go. As more people record their bowl stories, the kit takes on a life of its own — a new kind of progressive dinner.

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "Deborah Madison's Spaghetti with Green Chile and Cheese tastes amazing and comes together fast if you have frozen chiles on hand."
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story2text: "Not sure if the food you're considering is a good choice? Cynthia Lair suggests five questions to ask yourself before you take a bite."

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recipe1text: "Karen Solomon's homemade candied ginger will add a hearty oom-pah-pah to your cookies, candies, and quick breads." 
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recipe2text: "You can use this versatile and delicious chutney on chicken or turkey sandwiches, too." 

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