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The perils of popularity

(article, Culinate staff)

Sometimes trendy foods become too popular for their own good. Take the example of quinoa — the formerly obscure, now beloved South American grain that's become so popular it's becoming scarce. 

Greek yogurt's boom in business has also had repercussions, this time in the form of excess whey. Possible disposal solutions for the whey include fertilizer, livestock feed, and biogas.

Meanwhile, the astronomical growth of coconut water as a health drink has not trickled down into greater profits for farmers. Not to mention the environmental absurdity of the industry:

bq. “Coconut water is, on average, 97 percent water and only 3 percent nutrients,” says Schiling. “The coconut water industry is shipping millions upon millions of bottles (glass, cans, and tetra packs, which you can’t recycle) around the world. It’s water with 3 percent nutrients.”