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Culinate Newsletter May 17

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 h1. Dear readers,
 Michael Pollan was in Portland this week, talking about his new book, Cooked. If, like me, you missed the event, don't despair; you can hit KOPB's Think Out Loud to hear a large portion of Pollan's interview with the program's host, Dave Miller. 

 While this new book is about the act of cooking, Pollan's oeuvre consists of many books about food. He has, in effect, become one of our national heroes, given his extensive writing on the important question "What are we eating?" 

 In this week's interview Pollan discusses his own transformation as a cook and talks about the lessons he learned from the various people he apprenticed himself to in the writing of the book. One teacher is a woman named Samin Nosrat, who, as he says, also practices a lot of yoga. "The key to cooking," she taught him, "is patience, practice, and presence." So, when you're chopping an onion you're not just hacking away at it; you're really engaged in that moment, with that onion.

 Of course, there are a lot of other reasons to cook — namely, the food we cook ourselves is generally better for our health than food prepared by corporations. But who among us doesn't welcome being right here, right now? 
 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "Spencer Adrian's grandparents have collected and cooked shellfish on the Washington shore for 40 years; can he live up to their legend?"
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story2text: "Linda Ziedrich finds plenty to appreciate about Philip Ackerman-Leist's new book — including the many food-movement-related terms it defines."

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recipe1text: "This asparagus-rich recipe, from 'The Longevity Kitchen,' comes together quickly."
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recipe2text: "Make DIY Nutella by adding cocoa to this nut butter from Jan Roberts-Dominguez." 

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