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Bowls around town

(article, Culinate staff)

Libraries are for books, right? Hardly. Public libraries offer plenty of other material for checkout, ranging from the fairly obvious (movies) to the technologically adept (book downloads) to the downright surprising (tools, art, musical instruments, even therapy dogs).

Here in Portland, Oregon, there's a small library (Kitchen Share SE) that only checks out kitchen tools. And right now the county library is promoting an unusual project: checking out a wooden box with a ceramic bowl and a blank book.

The project — held in conjunction with a bowl-focused exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Craft — is designed to get library patrons to share recipes. Driven by the artist Michael J. Strand, the goal is to cook something, serve it in the bowl, and write down the recipe in the book.

Dubbed '"Bowls the box is available for checkout through September 21.