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On the road again

(article, Culinate staff)

Summertime: it's finally here, or nearly. If you haven't already hit the road this season, here are some tips for eating well on the go.

For locavores, the Canadian Sarah Elton is your go-to gal. As she told the New York Times, do your homework first, then bring collapsible cooler bags with you so you can safely stash fresh goodies.

Men's Fitness magazine reminded readers to stock up on healthy snacks, preferably from grocery stores instead of corner marts, and to eat lightly while traveling.

USA Today_ provided a walk-through of what to eat on a sample first day on the road and noted that some airports, airlines, and hotels are wising up about offering better fare.

And CNN gave a handy tip sheet of decent options available at roadside attractions, ranging from gas stations and convenience stores to diners and fast-food joints.