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p(blue). Culinate editor's note: We've long been fans of Cynthia Lair — a co-founder of Cookus Interruptus — and her common-sense attitude toward healthy eating. For a while, she blogged on our Dinner Guest Blog. Now, we're delighted to welcome her as a columnist.

p(blue). In a couple of weeks, we'll post more from Cynthia, who will contribute on a monthly basis. But in the meantime, here's her inaugural column — a taste of things to come.

Aren’t we all just too busy? And information comes at us every day at an unbelievable clip. That’s why many of us are looking for quick grabby information. I am, too.  

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I am an assistant professor at Bastyr University, a cookbook author, and an online cooking-show host. And, darn it, I also have to find time to swim, Zumba, lift weights, and walk the dog. 

Someone has to cook dinner. I actually find solace in baking my own bread. Keeping up with social media? Sometimes I feel like I’m trying to be (or need to be) three people.

Which is why I said yes to the idea of writing down the best five tips I could find, on a variety of subjects, every month for Culinate. 

I’m a fan of Culinate and have been since its inception. Each time I stop by for a visit, I find an article that I just have to read. Click, click. Naturally, I wanted to be part of the team.

h4. Five reasons I accepted this assignment

# Culinate team bragging rights.
# I’m addicted to Top (fill in the number) lists.
# To practice writing more (agony).
# To practice writing with fewer filters (ecstasy).
# To meet more people electronically.

The deal is this: I write, you grab. Sound fair? I’ll conclude this introduction by posting a video of me being whiny with a phone solicitor while explaining soba noodles on Cookus Interruptus.  


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