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Cooking classes for all

(article, Culinate staff)

Americans don't know how to cook. Our ignorance — lamented by, among others, Michael Pollan and Mark Bittman — has been blamed for our love of junk food, our preference for enormous servings of everything, and our obesity epidemic.

All across the country, though, activists are trying to empower us to learn how to cook real food. They range from the higher end (foodie courses for busy doctors) to the technologically savvy (online cooking lessons) to the classic (the in-home cooking class) to the demographically specific (programs for seniors and Native Americans) to the grassroots (outreach offerings at, among other places, food banks and church centers).

As food writer Hannah Wilcox noted in a Civil Eats blog post about a food-bank class run by Cooking Matters, even the most basic info needs to be learned at some point: not just how to cook, but how to shop. Cooking Matters offers cooking classes for all ages (including kids), but they also offer store tours, which "teach people how to inspect labels, shop for whole grains, and calculate unit pricing."

Gotta start somewhere.