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Carnitas Tacos Authenicos

(recipe, Mary Altman)


carnitas = small pieces of braised pork. if you've never braised pork before, you're going to need a slow cooker, a roasting pan or oven-proof glass dish, and a few spices. 3 stages: 1) sear the meat 2) slow cook it for 3-4 hrs 3) finish it off in the oven, the longer the crispier the pork bits. Having never cooked pork before, this dish was super easy and in the end we had very flavorful, juicy pork for tacos! Bonus: all the fixins for tacos in a typical mexican style



    1. Carnitas:
    2. Cut pieces into 5 inch chunks. Salt meat all over, then sear (i.e brown) both sides in 2 tbsp veg. oil on the stove. (10 mins, 5ea side). Remove and place on paper towel to blot excess oil. Transfer pieces to a slow cooker, and add spices:
    3. cumin
    4. chili powder
    5. garam masala
    6. 2 bay leaves
    7. 3 cloves garlic, peeled
    8. ancho chili powder
    9. black pepper
    10. Cover pork with spices and fill slow cooker until ⅔ of the meat pieces are covered in liquid. Cool for 3-4 hours until pork is very tender and falls apart when you bite into it.
    11. (You can wait a day) 1-2 hours before you eat, put pork and juices into the oven at 380 degrees. Cook until liquid evaporates and bits become crispy.
    12. Best served with corn torillas, warmed on a grill.
    13. Toppings:
    14. pickled cabbage (red or white)
    15. lime wedges
    16. diced onion and cilantro, mixed
    17. green salsa
    18. red salsa
    19. queso fresco
    20. hard boiled egg, sliced (optional)