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Kickstarting your food project

(article, Culinate staff)

Lately, we've noticed, a number of Culinate contributors have popped up on Kickstarter, raising funds for various projects. Former blogger Sarah Gilbert pulled in funding for her parenting magazine, Stealing Time. Former columnist Matthew Amster-Burton got his latest book project, a memoir about eating in Japan, greenlighted via the site. 

Now contributor Camas Davis is hooking dough to replicate her Portland Meat Collective across the nation. (And yes, we here at Culinate have been happy to contribute to all of these endeavors.)

Even if most Kickstarter projects focus on tech products, the site's Food category is a busy one, with hopefuls plugging everything from homemade sauce to beer to cookbooks to urban-farming projects. Entrepreneurs beware, however; not every project gets funded, of course, including a recent attempt at drumming up cash for Food Politic_ magazine.