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Culinate Newsletter April 5

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,

 Everyone who's played the host has had to manage disappointment at those times when reality doesn't quite meet expectations. It's not often as dramatic as the time my mother-in-law opened the oven to check the roast she was cooking, dislodged the meat just a bit, and watched, nonplussed, as it rolled onto the floor. (Of course, it was her first time hosting her mother-in-law, who sat across the room.) 

 More often, it's a subtle discomfort: You notice that you've forgotten to salt the lentils, or you've served beef to a (very polite) guest who doesn't eat meat. These times, a nimble host summons his or her inner Julia Child, picks the chicken up off the floor and cleans it off — or produces a second plate of vegetables without any word — and proceeds with the show. 
 Managing expectations always seems like a good idea on paper but is more difficult in practice. I'm going to vow a new tactic for those times when things don't seem to be going as I'd hoped: Raise a glass to what is working and set aside the rest to think about later … or not at all.

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: 'Jackie Varriano talks with the co-founder of Food Corps about her dual life as a farmer and school food advocate."'
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story2text: "For a long time, Joan Menefee didn't like eggs. Then she began to cook with them."

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recipe1text: "Our recipe editor tested a lot of similar recipes; this one, from 'River Cottage Every Day,' was best of the bunch."
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recipe2text: "Another winner from Great Britain, this one a terrific almond-and-orange cake from Jamie Oliver." 

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