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Seed diversity

(article, Culinate staff)

In honor of today's Earth Day celebrations, here's a roundup of info about seed diversity. (What's that again? Oh, right: making sure the planet's food crops don't dwindle down to just a few vulnerable species.)

As the environmental journalist Simran Sethi pointed out at her February TEDx talk titled '"The some 75 percent of crop varieties have vanished since 1900. That's nothing, argues Fast Company; by another reckoning (including a cool infographic), 93 percent of our seed types have disappeared.

For another visual take on the issue, check out the Guardian's_ photo essay about crops around the world. And for basic info about the problem, here are a few nonprofits working to keep us fed in the future: the Global Crop Diversity Trust, Seed For All, and the Canadian Seeds of Diversity.