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Culinate Newsletter March 6

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 h1. Dear readers,

 Recently, our longtime contributor and friend Deborah Madison wrote about miner's lettuce on Culinate. A delicate green, miner's lettuce is a fleeting sign of spring in California. In her post, Deborah recounts how she picked "miner’s lettuce at Green Gulch Farm and \[included\] the charming leaves in salads at Greens back in the early 1980s." For those not familiar with Green Gulch Farm, or Greens, the San Francisco vegetarian restaurant, all of that may seem abstract.

 Pick up Deborah's landmark cookbook, The Greens Cookbook, though, to gain a sense of the cooking she is talking about. As the founding chef at Greens, Deborah strived for quality, beauty, and conviviality. She writes in the introduction to that book: "The perfect meal is one that draws people together with dishes that may be delicious, even gorgeous, but then lets them go so they can enjoy one another's company." And: "Choosing and handling produce, smelling, tasting, using your hands to cut, chop, and toss, joining with family and friends to prepare a festive meal can be as nourishing to body and mind as the food itself."

 You can see why we're such fans of Deborah and her work — and why we're so excited about her new book, Vegetable Literacy, out later this month. With this new book, she's offering her substantial knowledge of botany and cooking all in one beautiful package. We can't wait to dig in. 

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "In the conclusion to her series on remodeling, Caroline Cummins takes us inside her new kitchen."
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story2text: "Erica Dolson remembers family breakfast being not such a big deal, until one day it was."

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recipe1text: "This stunning salad comes from 'Japanese Farm Food,' by Nancy Singleton Hachisu."
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recipe2text: "Lucinda Scala Quinn's family considers this dish one of their favorite weeknight suppers." 

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