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Suspicious seeds

(article, Culinate staff)

If you're a gardener, you've already received seed catalogs in your mailbox. But in Sunday's New York Times, gardening expert Margaret Roach warned that commercial seeds are often produced in unpleasant ways. 

She's not talking about genetically modified seed, just ordinary seed. But in order to get a plant to the point where its seeds can be harvested for sale, producers may need to use many different chemicals to help that plant along. 

Which means not only the possibility of chemical pollution from the get-go, but also the development of seeds that may not do as well when planted and grown in a home gardener's organic, chemical-free garden.

"In our locavore-centric society, we increasingly ask where every bite of food came from," wrote Roach. "Since our food (or what our food was fed) comes from seeds, isn’t it time to ask where those all-important embryos, innocent or otherwise, come from, too?"