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Sickly sugar

(article, Culinate staff)

Sugar is bad for you. Sure, this ain't a new idea. But as Mark Bittman recently wrote in the New York Times, there's now some scientific evidence to back it up. "It isn’t simply overeating that can make you sick; it’s overeating sugar," writes Bittman, paraphrasing Robert Lustig, one of the study's scientists.

But on her blog Food Politics, the nutritionist Marion Nestle also tackled the sugar study. "It is tempting to interpret the study as demonstrating that sugar is a risk factor for diabetes independent of calorie intake or body weight," she writes. "I'm not so sure." On her blog, she includes graphs from the study, which, she says, aren't as cut-and-dried as we might think. 

Nestle also recently addressed the issue of daily sugar intake and whether the feds should set some sort of maximum daily limit for food labels. As always, her takeaway is just plain common sense: "In the meantime, everyone would be healthier eating less sugar."