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Culinate Newsletter February 6

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 h1. Dear readers,

 My longtime colleague Caroline Cummins is confused — indeed, a little frustrated — about the health aspects of fats, specifically animal fats: In a recent [/user/Caroline/blog/fatfrustration "blog post,"] she asks whether we should be eating fats at all, and if so which ones? Reports on this topic in the media are all over the place, and there's a lot of contradictory information being published. What's an eater to do? 

 When balance and moderation seem like the only way to go, don't fret; your menu doesn't have to turn dull — full of umami one day and lacking it the next. Kim O'Donnel, who for years managed our [/columns/tabletalk "Table Talk chats,"] has, in the last few years, turned her attention toward creating [/author/kimodo "satisfying meatless dishes."] Her latest book, The Meat Lover's Meatless Celebrations, is full of luscious-sounding recipes. Kim, a trained chef, found that when she began cooking fewer meat-based dishes, she discovered a host of plant-based but umami-rich ingredients, such as molasses, mushrooms, mustard, roasted vegetables, smoked paprika, and soy sauce — and these days, she makes ample use of those.

 This week on Culinate, Marygrace Taylor, an Austin, Texas-based writer, developed a brunch menu for us that's just a little lighter than standard brunch fare (no bacon, for instance). Oh, you'll still find lots to smack your lips over — you just might be a little less heavy-feeling, afterwards.
 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "Marygrace Taylor devised a brunch menu that's lighter than the usual fare — but just as delicious."
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story2text: "Even if you can't do it yet, soon it will be time to amend the soil in your garden. Caroline Lewis offers tips."

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recipe1text: "From the book 'Mad Hungry,' by Lucinda Scala Quinn, comes this take-out favorite — to make at home."
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recipe2text: "Roasted squash and Cheddar cheese embellish this mighty salad, from the book 'In Season.'" 

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