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Food films for 2013

(article, Culinate staff)

OK, food politickers, we know you've probably already seen '"King and '"Food, and '"Super (And if you haven't, and want more tips on good food documentaries, there are plenty of top-10 lists out there, from such sources as Lettuce Eat Kale and The Good Human and Paste magazine.) So what's coming up for 2013?

Deborah Koons Garcia, who made '"The has a new documentary coming out titled '"Symphony In the spirit of '"Dirt! Koons Garcia's new offering focuses on the stuff that (hydroponic farming excepted) is essential for producing the food we eat. (Related but less food-focused is the new film '"Women about influential female landscape architects.)

For advocates of urban farming, the new documentary '"Edible traces the evolution of the good-food movement (with a focus on small-scale organic farming) in the Bay Area. And for organic diehards (or skeptics), there's '"In a documentary exploring the history of the recent organics movement, from grassroots effort to corporate embrace.

Finally, there's the Food Film Fest, with screenings in Charleston, South Carolina (May), New York City (October), and Chicago (November). If you've made your own little food flick, submit it to the fest; you've still got time.