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Culinate Newsletter January 9

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 h1. Dear readers,

 About a year and a half ago, we published [/articles/culinate8/tipsformakingpie '"Pie right: Tips for baking pie,"'] Beth Howard's sensible suggestions for anyone wanting to improve his or her pie-baking prowess. A few months later, Beth published a memoir, Making Piece, about how she regained her emotional footing after the sudden death of her husband — in part by baking pie.

 After the school shootings last month at Sandy Hook Elementary, Beth and a cadre of pie bakers went to Newtown, Connecticut, to serve pies — at memorial services, for teachers and school administrators, for families, and so on — some 250 pies altogether. You can read about their efforts on Beth's Facebook page. She and her friends eased the suffering of some in Newtown — if only by saying, "We're here for you. Have a slice of pie." It's a small  thing, a slice of pie and witnessing another person's grief, without judgment, but it's also huge. Small and big at the same time.

 If you'd like to improve your pie-baking skill in the new year, you might want to revisit Beth's pie tips; if you're a visual learner, you may appreciate the infographic Ron Whitaker recently created, based on Beth's tips. 
 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "Joan Menefee wonders if this community-enhancing institution is on its way out, given our crammed schedules and balkanized food preferences."
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story2text: "There comes a time when even the most stoic cook needs a refurbished kitchen. For Managing Editor Caroline Cummins, that moment has come."

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recipe1text: "We are big fans of the nutty dressing on this salad by Margarett Waterbury. Feel free to make it with other nuts, too."
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recipe2text: "From the exquisite memoir 'Day of Honey' comes this delicious zucchini stew from Lebanon." 

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