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Culinate Newsletter December 12

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,
 Whenever a dinner guest asks "What can I bring?" I usually say dessert. It's not that I dislike making desserts, but when it comes down to it, I find that the more savory parts of the meal occupy me thoroughly. 

 Nevertheless, I am pro-dessert; I like ending a meal with something sweet. So if nobody's bringing it, I usually find something simple to serve, even if it's just chocolate, frozen grapes, and grappa (Jamie Oliver's clever idea). I rely on dessert recipes that contain just a few ingredients and come together without a lot of fuss. Deborah Madison's Dried-Fruit Compote is one such recipe, as is her Chocolate Bark with Cardamom and Sea Salt, Apricots and Pistachios. (Read her post from awhile back about fruity winter desserts for more elegant suggestions.)

 This week on Culinate, Carrie Floyd introduces us to a new winter confection I know I'm going to look to again and again: Vanilla Ice Cream with Persimmon and Walnuts. It's based on a dish she was served years ago at Chez Panisse Cafe. Aren't we lucky she was?
 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "Leah Koenig offers eight suggestions for improving your frying technique — during Hanukkah or any time."
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story2text: "Ideas and recipes for wheat-free holiday treats, courtesy Stephanie Stiavetti."

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recipe1text: "You won't need much time to assemble Portland chef Jenn Louis' delicious seasonal recipe."
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recipe2text: "Use cultivated or wild mushrooms in this luscious, cold-weather-friendly soup from Joyce Goldstein." 

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