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Culinate Newsletter December 5

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,
 "Mom," said my daughter on the phone. She's been away at school for awhile, mostly eating dorm food. "I'm really craving some flavor. The food here, well … When I come home, will you cook me that chicken and pasta you made that time with the lemony pesto?"

 Hm. "What lemony pesto?" I asked. "Did I buy it?" I was pretty sure I hadn't made it.

 "No, you made it. Remember? You know, that really lemony one? With the soba noodles?" That tipped me off. She meant Asian Pesto — a terrific, herby concoction by Marnie Henricksson that makes everything taste brighter — even simple broiled chicken and soba with broccoli. 

 "I know the one," I said. "Of course, I'll make it." After all, it's fun to cook for a grateful eater. As Ina Garten says in the Culinate interview this week, "A household needs someone who cooks and someone who really appreciates it."

 But it's always a good idea to turn the tables. Ina may roast a chicken every week for her husband, Jeffrey, but last night my husband roasted a garlicky good bird for me; it was my turn to be the happy, grateful eater (and dish doer). 

 Here's hoping you soon have a day of cooking for someone — and of someone cooking for you. If "really lemony pesto" isn't your thing, Joan Nathan's brisket recipe, which we just posted today, may be just the place to start.
 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "Ellen Kanner checks in with the former nuclear-energy policy analyst who's behind some of our favorite, most reliably delicious recipes."
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story2text: "Jackie Varriano offers some tips for cooking with molasses, an often overlooked, old-fashioned sweetener."

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recipe1text: "Also called Jerusalem artichokes, sunchokes can add a novel element to holiday latkes."
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recipe2text: "From Ina Garten's new book, 'Barefoot Contessa Foolproof' … what are you waiting for?" 

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