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The Lee Bros. Simple Fresh Southern

(book, Ted Lee & Matt Lee)

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With The Lee Bros. Simple Fresh Southern, Matt and Ted Lee offer a collection of more than 100 easy, healthy, everyday recipes for real home cooks that celebrates the South’s bounty of fresh ingredients.

Their latest cookbook includes step-by-step instruction on exciting, easy techniques like stovetop smoking, fresh-cheesemaking, and quick-pickling that will become new standbys in your kitchen. They also offer shopping notes for key ingredients and information on their favorite pantry staples and store-bought condiments. Recipes include variations, “Garnish-It!” notes, and ideas for “finishing” dishes that allow cooks to adjust recipes to suit their personal tastes.

For diehard Southern-food lovers, for cooks who crave freshness and variety in Southern cooking, and for everyone who loves delicious, nutritious food, Simple Fresh Southern will be a revelation and a cherished kitchen companion.
Lemon-Glazed Sweet Potatoes