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The Mediterranean Kitchen

(book, Joyce Goldstein)

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The Mediterranean Kitchen brings the dazzling array of tastes of Mediterranean cuisine into your kitchen. With clarity, easy style, and tremendous passion, Joyce Goldstein celebrates some of the world's most popular and flavorful foods. 

Travel to the sun-drenched southern coasts of Europe and North Africa to sample cuisines remarkable for their lustiness and sparkling tastes. From Spanish tapas to Proven├žal ice cream with lavender and honey, from gazpacho and baba ghanoush to paella and pasta, from Greek baked goat cheese in filo to Moroccan couscous, these superbly robust dishes will delight time and time again. 

Joyce Goldstein's groundbreaking Square One restaurant, which opened in San Francisco in 1984, was one of the most acclaimed and influential Mediterranean-style restaurants in the United States. 
Italian Mushroom Soup with Sweet Vermouth and Tomato
Roast Pepper, Fontina, and Arugula Salad