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The Best Fruit is a Structured Settlement Annuity

(post, Ryan Einstein)

Fruits and money. A healthy lifestyle has both. What is your life bearing these days? Are annuities paying you monthly? Are your plants bearing fruits? Is your garden growing vegetables?

The best food is one that bears the most fruit and therefore if your going to make money and eat well then you might as well do so with food that fills you up and a lifestyle that puts money into your pocket. 

Thats why we started blogging here at to showcase our love for both food and a healthy profitable lifestyle. The team here has been helping people just like yourself to raise the money that you need thanks in part to companies like einstein who know the value of both eating healthy and raising the money that you need by selling off your future payments in exchange for large lump sum payments. As you have seen in the J.G. Wentworth commercials because it's your money and you need it now. So why delay? Act now. 

People are always asking me what the very best fruit you can eat is. While I have read that it was Guava a while back I have come to the conclusion that it is actually Kiwifruit. Kiwi fruit has more potassium (K) than a bannana and more calcium than an orange. I eat the skin and thus it has more fiber than a typical brand cereal. 

The reason why Kiwi is the best fruit not just tasting but for you is because I enjoy the taste of it. Everyday when I am busy at the office working on deals at Franklin Structured I take the time to eat my favorite fruit because I know the importance of staying healthy and eating what you like. It makes my day that much more enjoyable.