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Richie Wilson’s Traditional Irish Stew

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Preparation time 25 minutes; cooking time 40 minutes; serves 4
500g (17.6 oz) diced shoulder of lamb
1 liter (34floz) of cold water
1 liter (34floz) chicken or lamb stock
120 ml (4floz) of Guinness stout (optional)

Yummy Traditional Irish Stew from the Burlington Hotel
1 sprig thyme
2 bay leaves
4 large peeled potatoes, cubed
2 medium white onions, cubed
2 large carrots, cubed
6 sticks of celery, cubed
1 bunch of fresh chopped parsley
Firstly, remove the impurities from the lamb to ensure the stock is clear and grease free by doing the following:
Put the lamb into a large pot along with the cold water and place over a moderate heat until it begins to boil.
Once it has begun to boil, empty the contents of the pot through a large colander allowing the liquid to run off.
Rinse the lamb under cold running water until all the residue has been removed – now you have refreshed the lamb.
Place the pot over a moderate heat and add in the chicken/lamb stock with the Guinness stout, if using, and the refreshed diced lamb.
Add the thyme, bay leaves and season with salt and milled white pepper.
Allow to simmer for 20 minutes until lamb becomes tender.
Now add the diced potatoes, onions, carrots and celery, and continue to simmer for a further 10 minutes. (Keep the lid off the pot during the cooking process to allow water to evaporate for a more intense flavour.)
Add the freshly chopped parsley and serve in large bowls.
Serve to anyone who has a hearty appetite, and they’ll love you for it!