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Culinate Newsletter October 31

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,
 Super Storm Sandy has made life crazy and dangerous for many millions of people. Our collective concern goes out to everyone affected by the storm, especially our friends in New York and New Jersey. Take good care all; we hope the clean up is smooth and swift, and that everyone — despite the difficulties with power and transportation — has access to clean food and water.

 I've been on the road for most of the last week and haven't gotten around to carving a pumpkin. We can live without a jack-o-lantern for a year, but, alas, I don't want to miss out on pumpkin seeds. Note to self: Get busy with the seeds — and that goes for the rest of you procrastinating pumpkin-seed fans out there, too. We've published seed roasting tips already, but for a more addictive snack, do as I do and toss the little gems in olive oil and salt before you bake them. (No need to grease the baking pan if you go that route.) 

 Finally, I'm sending a virtual hug to a Culinate contributor who's recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. She has much to endure before she's back to her old self, and I know she has many fans and friends rooting for her now. There's been a lot of talk this month about breast cancer, but it never gets routine. Godspeed, my friend — and for our readers who have endured the same, hugs to all of you too. 

 Happy Halloween!

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story2text: "Here's an Italian tradition that's worth adopting, courtesy Margarett Waterbury."

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recipe1text: "We're fans of this two-loaf recipe from Joy Wilson, aka Joy the Baker."
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recipe2text: "Linda Ziedrich's soup is simply delicious (and deliciously simple)." 

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