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On your slate

(article, Culinate staff)

The online magazine Slate has been busy in the food department lately. First up: tackling the meat industry with a brief history of pink slime and the Martha Stewart juggernaut with a positive review of her new, appealingly retro TV show. 

Next: cultural criticism (applauding Michael Bloomberg and his big-soda ban as a clever bit of societal engineering) and anthropological speculation (theorizing as to why humans, at least some of us, evolved to drink milk beyond infancy). 

For dessert, food provocateur James McWilliams decries the international horse-meat industry, calling it both dangerous (because horses are given drugs not used in conventional livestock) and in need of better regulation.

Best, though, might be the hilarious apple flow chart, showing you how to pick the right apple for the right task — be it pies, Halloween-party bobbing, or just slinging.