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Culinate Newsletter October 24

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,
 According to the Just Label It campaign, 40 countries require labeling of foods that contain genetically engineered ingredients. That's not a requirement in the United States, though — at least not yet. There's a measure on the November ballot in California — Prop 37 — that will require such labeling. 

 While this initiative isn't on my ballot, I hope that soon it will be — I'd vote for it in a second. Look, I don't think anyone knows the effect over the long term of eating genetically engineered food, but why shouldn't we each get to decide whether to eat it or not? 

 The website for KCET, an independent television station in southern California, published an easy-to-read chart showing that the supporters of the campaign are being outspent by a huge margin. The list of who's putting up money on this election makes for interesting reading — and makes me a little angry, as there are some producers opposing the measure whose foods I occasionally buy. 

 Some 1,100 (and counting) chefs and prominent cooks have signed a petition in support of Prop 37. If you're in California, I urge you to vote yes on this measure. We eaters of America have our hopes pegged on you. 

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story2text: "Can you recognize burdock when you see it? Diane Morgan's new book, 'Roots,' is the inspiration for this quiz."

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recipe1text: "The new book 'Quinoa Cuisine' serves up this satisfying traditional stew."
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recipe2text: "Here's a vivid, delicious vegan appetizer from Bryant Terry." 

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